Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to the Blog!

Andy and I were talking the other day about setting up a blog for the farm, and here I've gone and done it. Here we'll update you all about things that are happening around the farm, along with occasional random musings about farm life in general and pet issues of interest to us (and hopefully you as well).

I am a big fan of blogs and read a handful just about every day. This won't be updated nearly as often as my favorite blogs, but the plan is to have at least a few posts a month. Andy and I will both be writing on the blog, and we'll look forward to seeing your comments back to us.

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Andy Pestana said...

Welcome to our first blog. If you don't know about us, we are a little farm in rural Vacaville, California. We have Nigerian dwarf goats, the smallest of all the dairy goats, a couple of llamas, chickens, a "victory" garden, a small orchard and full time jobs too. We aren't quite sure how this blog is going to go. Will it be political, goat talk, farm talk or just the occasional rant? Tune in to see.