Monday, December 24, 2007

A Fine Whine

This isn't really an update on farm happenings so much as a whine about how the last couple of months of the year have gone. Just when I was getting caught up on things in November, my lap top (which I use for everything) was hit by a malicious spy-ware attack. For several weeks I was without a computer and it seemed as though every time I thought things were fixed, another problem would pop up or something wouldn't work the way it was supposed to. It's much more complicated than I'd like to explain, but for a couple of weeks, I was just frustrated with everything due to the computer problems. Several hundred dollars later, I have my computer back up and working, along with a better back up system, but I'm still having trouble every now and then just getting on my e-mail.

I finally added DHIA test results to the senior does and first freshener pages for tests done in 2005 and 2006. They only look right on Internet Explorer, and I've only gotten one to look right on Firefox. I've also noticed that lately when I look at pages on Firefox 2.0, there is significant image quality degradation. If any readers of this have figured out tables within tables for Firefox, please drop me a line.

And, since it is December, of course some major appliance has had trouble. Previous Decembers have brought us problems with our septic system, a ceramic stove top that shattered (we must have been out of the house when that one happened), a heat pump that no longer worked, and this December brought us a broken water heater. At the rate things are going, we figure we should start saving up for next December when either the fridge or the oven goes, since those are the only appliances we haven't yet replaced since we moved in.

And to end on a high note- kidding season is just around the corner! Sky should be our first doe to kid, and then we've got nine more scheduled to kid in February.

Hope everyone has a great whatever you celebrate and that 2008 is the best year yet for you and yours.

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