Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Glamour Shots

One of the most time consuming things to do during kidding season is to get good photographs of kids, both so new owners can pick which one they want, and/or so I can post them to the web site on the For Sale page.  We usually have to wait until the kids are hungry enough for a bottle, since just putting them on the ground and pointing the camera at them results in a lot of pictures that look like this

Or this

They never stop like this and look at the camera, they always stop and look away
And sometimes this
What the what?!

Not all that helpful in convincing anyone that these kids have a bright future in the show ring.  So, we wait until afternoon feeding time and use the bottles to get them to stand still so they look more like:

 But we also get some shots that don't make it on the web site

I've got milk where now?

And, of course the head shots

Look! It's the new face that the Got Milk? campaign has been looking for!

You gettin' all this? That's right, I got the baby blue eyes goin' on!
Oh, you done looking at my brother yet? No one is as good as he thinks he is.

Num, num, num, num
Now I'm ready for my close up...
Apparently, this one has heard you have to be "hungry" to make it in picturesShould I tell him it is a metaphorical hungry, not a literal one? 
So now that we have their head shots, all we need is an agent for them to make a go of it in Hollywood.  Stick with me kids, and you'll go places!

So punny it hurts, right?

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Kitty Sharkey said...

Hey now! Sammy gets to Hollywood first!