Sunday, September 23, 2012

Play Time

Several months ago, Mini showed a marked change in her attitude towards play, as in, not interested in it at all.  She'd sort of humor Stella for about 30 seconds, and then get an attitude of "I'm a serious working dog here and must intently stare into the distance now.  Please show yourself out." I figured it was due to her maturing, since this change in attitude happened right around her second birthday.

That phase seems to have passed now.  I mean, Mini is still serious about her job, but for the past couple of weeks, she and Stella have been playing every morning while I feed the non-milking goats.  I find them rather amusing to watch.

First, Stella puts on her best "Let's PLAY!" face:

Which Mini cannot resist

Chasing ensues

Catch me if you can!

Then the wrestling starts

And while it may look like Stella is taking Mini down, I can assure you that Mini takes more dives on the field than a professional soccer player.  It's almost like having my own dog version of the WWE out there.

Back to chasing:

Click to fully enjoy Mini's facial expression

Let's zoom in on what is happening up in the buck pasture in that last picture, shall we?

They are very good at avoiding the goats while cavorting, and the goats generally ignore the dogs when they are running around with each other.  Sometimes though, one of the older does will start looking a little judgey at the dogs' shenanigans:

I love those happy dog faces! 

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