Thursday, June 7, 2007

Garden Photos

I told you I would post them. From top to bottom - Early Girl tomato leaf measures 18 inches, a look between a row of tomatoes (the cages are 5 feet tall), a broccoli head measuring 9 inches across and Polish garlic with Lapines cherrys. The tomato plants were started in the greenhouse the third week in March and planted the first week in May. Plants that started 6-8 inches tall are now 3-41/2 feet tall in just 37 days. Yes, we are going to have a great tomato year. If you are at the farm in the next couples of months, you may go home with some.


shelley said...


Thanks so much for the broccoli and garlice. They were great!!


shelley said...

Okay, I should review my own comments. I hate it when people don't spell things correctly so here goes: GARLIC!!!! Phew, I feel better.