Monday, June 25, 2007

See us on California Country

A couple of months ago, we spent several hours over two weekends with a crew from California Country, a television magazine program of the Farm Bureau. They were filming a segment about how I make soap from goat milk, and how it is packaged and sold at the farmer's market in Davis. The segment finally started running this weekend and can apparently be seen on various affiliate stations and on RFD TV. I've heard from people around California and even Michigan that they've seen it over the last few days. Check your local listings- we're on during the second segment of the show, after a long piece about growing blue berries.


meleesha said...

I looked for it on our local listings, but they don't carry it. You guys are recording it no?

Andy Pestana said...

Yes, they sent us a full tape of the show. I hope that we could get some of the other stuff that they shot too. I will give them a call this week. You can go to the website for more info about the show.