Monday, June 25, 2007

See us on California Country

A couple of months ago, we spent several hours over two weekends with a crew from California Country, a television magazine program of the Farm Bureau. They were filming a segment about how I make soap from goat milk, and how it is packaged and sold at the farmer's market in Davis. The segment finally started running this weekend and can apparently be seen on various affiliate stations and on RFD TV. I've heard from people around California and even Michigan that they've seen it over the last few days. Check your local listings- we're on during the second segment of the show, after a long piece about growing blue berries.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Like what you see?

We would like you to participate in the blog! It's hard to know who is reading it and what you like or what you want to see more of. So please leave a little message, greeting or just put your name down just so we know that people are reading the blog.

Madera show goes well for Sarah

We had a nice trip down to Madera, CA. for the CCDGA goat show. Our own little TX Twincreeks WDF Sunprite won Grand Champion Sr. doe in milk and Reserve in the second ring. In addition some congratulations go to Debbie Toomey for her Jr. Grand Champion doe CRF Castle Rock Snowflower winning in the second show. Yay!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Garden Photos

I told you I would post them. From top to bottom - Early Girl tomato leaf measures 18 inches, a look between a row of tomatoes (the cages are 5 feet tall), a broccoli head measuring 9 inches across and Polish garlic with Lapines cherrys. The tomato plants were started in the greenhouse the third week in March and planted the first week in May. Plants that started 6-8 inches tall are now 3-41/2 feet tall in just 37 days. Yes, we are going to have a great tomato year. If you are at the farm in the next couples of months, you may go home with some.

Happy June!

I can't believe that it is June already! Where is the year going?

We're in the midst of show season right now and it has been great seeing our goat friends, although I think the does are a little unhappy with how many shows they've gone to where the weather is quite a bit cooler than what they are used to at home.

All of our bottle babies are weaned as of this week. Yay! Bottle feeding a couple of kids is quite fun- when you get over four of them on the bottle at a time, and when they near two months old, they can get pretty pushy. I think next year we may invest in a lamb-bar/bucket feeder to shorten the amount of time it takes to feed all of the kids. We have two more does due at the end of the month, and then we're done until the fall.

We did a count the other evening of how many goats we had on the property and came up with a grand total of 51. Looks like the "For Sale" page may need some updating soon. This morning, we were looking out at the pasture where the does were up visiting the bucks (on opposite sides of the fence), and with about 40 of the goats in one place at the same time, it did indeed look like we had quite a herd. Since the goats are so small, it doesn't usually look like we have that many of them, but this morning it did.