Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Little Nugget

Did you all enjoy St. Patrick's Day?

This guy enjoyed it so much, he's still dancing a jig

Or he could just be excited because he know I'm warming up extra milk for him.  He is the smallest member of a set of quads brought to us by Raven and Harvest Moon, and he's the smallest kid of the season so far (we're at over 70 kids and counting).  He's maybe half the size of the Tuscan Sun kids who were born three days after he was.

The handiest item I had to give an idea of how small he is, was (no surprise) a coffee mug:

And that's not a very large mug, so you can see he's pretty small. We've been calling him Nugget or Nuggetman because, well, it just fits him.  He's spunky and strong, but for several days could only down about two ounces of milk per meal because that's all the room he had, so he started coming in for extra.  He was spending some time between meals on my lap while I was at the computer, but kept hitting my keyboard with his tiny feet, sending my browser on unintentional searches.

So, back to the floor he went to explore under my desk and try to crawl on Stella.

Nothing makes Stella think the world has gone all upside down like a baby goat trying to crawl on her.  I'd post a picture, but usually I'm laughing too hard at the expressions on Stella's face to grab the camera when this happens.

He's so cute, it's almost nice to have an excuse to grab him out of the kid pen extra times per day for his special feedings.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

She's a keeper

This face makes it really difficult to get anything productive done.