Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Goats

We are so done with baby goats

Wait- what?!?! What about my bottle feeding???
I should clarify- we are done with new baby goats arriving...for the most part...this fall may hold some baby goats, but the majority of the 2012 kidding season is over.

The final tally was 97 baby goats on the ground- 49 bucks and 48 does, out of 36 does.  Kidding season, while full of cute fluffy baby goats, is also full of many additional tasks, such as disbudding and vaccinating, bottle feeding, clipping does to get them ready for kidding, and then of course, working with the people who are buying the goats.  Not much else gets done around here, which can be an issue when you are trying to thin fruit, plant new things in the garden, or keep an eye on your beehives, just to use a few random examples.

As a side note, our white peaches turned out smaller than apricots this year, our basil started to bolt before we got it out of the greenhouse, and I suffered my first hive loss due to ants this spring.

And just as kidding season came (mostly) to a close, show season began.  More on that soon(ish)!