Friday, February 8, 2013

Parting Shots

With all of the computer trouble I've been having, I hadn't gotten a chance to look at some of the pictures Andy took last fall until somewhat recently.  When I couldn't pull up the pictures of Mini I had taken during the late summer, he went out and grabbed some more pictures so I could post them to the farm web site.  Here are a few of my favorites...

This first one captures the Border Collie personality so well:

Notice how Stella is mostly a blur and everything else isn't? 

That's pretty much what living with a herding dog with too much time on her paws is like. 

Can you guess what happens in the next frame?


Yes children, this is what the Large Hadron Collider is doing, but with particles instead of dogs.

Wanting to get a few face shots, Andy called Mini over to where he was, and she decided to take the shortest route to get to him, never mind what/who may be in that path:

Stella was caught a little off guard

Mini looks so dutiful and Stella looks so surprised/offended/taken aback.

Here I am!  I came as soon as I possibly could.

Of course, any time we are in a pasture, it doesn't take long before the does figure out we're there and come on over to demand their share of the attention.

Alright kids, you can go visit, just please be safe...
Mini looks like one of those "helicopter parents" who is so certain that her children are going to hurt themselves, while the kids look so confident about what they are doing.   

So there they are.  It was a little bittersweet to find them after we had lost her.  I sometimes think of what could have been, what was supposed to be, and all of a sudden, there's something in my eye.  Wait, both eyes...probably just pollen, or dust, or something.  But, I also think of what was, and the good of having her here, and I know that eventually, that will be mostly all of what I think of when I remember her. 


Farmer Barb said...

The animals who have come and gone in our lives always make a mark. The look in her eyes is so poignant. It is why we live with dogs.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

The 'Hadron Collider Stella' pic is hilarious, especially when you look at it full size. She looks so happy in her role as a smooshed accelerated particle :P

As little as I knew Mini, it was obvious that not only was she an exceptional helicopter parent, which is exactly what her job called for her to be, but she was also beautiful, sweet, affectionate, and trustworthy. The photo of her staring up at the camera says it all. I still can't believe she's gone.

Sarah said...

Farmer Barb- I have always had a fondness for all sorts of critters, though dogs occupy a plane above the rest in my world. And I strive every day to be the kind of person my dog(s) think I am. :)

Curbstone Valley- I am glad Mini's personality came through even from little doses. I still can't believe the one neighbor called her a "menace to the neighborhood", and flat out refused to meet her on our side of the fence because he didn't trust her-- or apparently, me, to keep him safe while introducing him to a dog I was trying to convince him was harmless to people.


I love that moment of impact picture too- because Stella is clearly instigating it, and it seems her entire plan was to run right into Mini because OMG SO MUCH FUN!