Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Management

I never knew, when I first got my goats, that I was in fact starting my very own herd of project managers. No matter what we are doing on the farm, there's always someone watching what we do, or getting in the way enough that there's no way to rush getting something done.

I've been feeding a "three way" (wheat, oat, barley) hay this winter, and a good deal of the wheat steams have ended up on the ground of the barnyard. I cannot believe that goats have a reputation for eating any/every thing they can get their mouths on, as they waste literally tons of hay a year on our farm.  They do chew on things, yes, but actually consume them? Hardly!

Anyway, being the type to not want to waste anything, I decided to gather up what looked like mostly straw to toss into the chicken palace as something to catch the next couple nights of chicken manure.  I loaded up a wheel barrow, took it to the chicken house, got one scoop of straw under the chicken perches, turn around and see:

Howdy ma'm, just checking to make sure you're using approved materials for this job

Looks like Project Manager Sarandipity (her friends call her Dipity) was on duty that afternoon. The girls all take turns keeping an eye on us farmers, making sure we don't try anything funny around here.

Your project site looks like it is up to code

They are meticulous, and pay attention to detail

Pitchfork complies with barnyard cleanliness-keeping standards

Only after a thorough inspection do they give their feedback

I approve- you may continue with the next stage of your project.

I let Dipity know that it would be much easier to finish my project if she were to kindly move out of my way. And off of my pitch fork.

You there! Hook yourself up to this contraption so I can drive away in a flourish of glory!

I had to remind her that I actually needed both the wheelbarrow and what was in it to complete my project.



Julie said...

Oh yes, everyone is an inspector here. Throw a rock, hit an inspector. And we have hardly even gotten started on the goats....

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Wait until Dipity starts trying to use the power tools! ;) I love her sweet face, smiling up at you, with her seal of approval. Too cute!

Sarah said...

My mom's Jacob Sheep used to try to steal tools out of the tool bag and run off with them. It was funny 'cause it wasn't happening to me!

What is frustrating is when the goats decide that the wheel barrow makes a good scratching post and lean so hard into it that they dump over whatever you've just filled the wheel barrow with.

Dipity is awesome- I have the picture of her looking at the camera as the wallpaper on my phone. It's a good thing she doesn't have opposable thumbs, or we'd be in a world of trouble!

Kitty Sharkey said...

At my house, the wheelbarrow is affectionately called the bucket. And Sammy is my Boy in the Bucket. It was HIS bucket for quite some time before he decided it was okay to share (mostly with his sister Lulu).

In the past when my contractor Ralph has been here working on a project in the barnyard, Sammy has always been nosing about trying to see what Ralph is up to, if he cut the board to the right length, or double checking his measurements by mouthing and pulling on the end of the metal measuring tape. He's also known for digging into Ralph's tool bag and coming out with a wrench or a pair of pliers. Ralph always obliges him by taking whatever tool Sammy offers and thanking him for his help. I swear half the tools in Ralph's tool bag end up in his tool belt because Sammy was sure he needed this screwdriver or that one. Luckily, the hammer is too heavy for him. And although he is very interested in the cordless drill when it's sitting on the ground, he has a healthy respect for the cordless saw when it's running. And Ralph? He'll tell you that Sammy is his favorite goat.

Sarah said...

Kitty, that is adorable! I think you and Sammy were very lucky to have found each other- I can't think of a better person for a goat with his personality to have ended up with. :)