Wednesday, December 3, 2008


See? I told you she was cute.

I decided years ago that if/when we added a canine to the farm that a Border Collie would be perfect, and that a perfect name for that dog would be Stella. I have no idea why- just sounded like a name I would like using for many years.

Also, there was already cinematic evidence that Stella sounds good when being yelled. After listening to the neighbors yell various dog names over the years, this seemed to be an important element of the dog's name.

Anyway, the rescue people asked me if I had thought about a name for our soon to be addition, I said I had been thinking of Stella-- at that moment Stella's head jerked up and she looked right at me as if to say, how did you know? So, that name stuck.

We of course cannot know for sure what Stella's life was like before she was found wandering around Calusa, with what the shelter people figured was her sister. My guess, based on her behavior, is that she and her sister were owned by a young man who lived with an older woman (this is based on the way she reacts especially positively to men of a certain age, and how much more negatively she reacts to women of a certain age). She gets very playful around 6pm, which I would guess means that said young man would play with the dogs when he got home from his job. With the way she fears brushes, and the be-socked feet of my mother-in-law, I would guess these were used against Stella.

Anyway, we started on clicker training today and it seems to be going pretty well, although she does get so excited about getting her reward when she is retrieving that she tends to drop whatever is in her mouth in anticipation of getting her reward when she is only half way to me.


Rich said...

What a great looking dog.

It's funny how certain dogs look like their names! She definitely looks Stella-ish. :-)

It's awesome that you chose to adopt,
best of luck with her.

Sarah said...


My family had such a great experience with Greyhound Friends For Life, where we got our Greyhound (Best. Dog. Evah.), that when we started talking about getting a Border Collie, one of my first thoughts was to do so through a rescue group.

And, if anyone is looking for a calm, quiet, gentle couch potato to adopt, I cannot recommend Greyhounds enough. They are very short burst energy dogs- sprinters who don't need lots of exercise. Greyhound Friends for life has a very extensive set of questions for you to answer about life style, what you are looking for in a dog, other pets, etc. and they did a fantastic job of matching my parents up with exactly the dog they wanted.