Monday, January 9, 2012

First Kids of 2012

Compliments of CRF Castle Rock Lunar Eclipse
Just a week ago- looking like she might be carrying a single

We have a set of triplets on the ground
Adorable doe baby came out first
Baby bucks came out almost this closely together

Luna was very good at letting us know that she was close- talking non-stop all morning, and not scooting away indignantly when we checked to see if her ligaments were loose. Within a half hour of her starting to enthusiastically lick our hands, arms, and faces, she was in active labor.

Um, a little help here? I think I'm stuck...

The light buck's gold spots are quite visible when he's not wearing his brother

We'll have a break of about a month before the next kids are due, which is good, because I'm not quite ready to be in the full swing of kidding season just yet.  In fact, I'm still milking does that freshened over 11 months ago- I'm impressed that several of the girls are such persistent milkers, even while I'm actively trying to dry them off, but would also like a decent break from milking before all of the kidding season chores start up again.

I have a feeling that these kids are going to be quite spoiled for the next month or so- especially that little doe kid, who is quite outgoing already.


Sarah said...

OH MAH GAWD SO FLUFFEH! I want to squeeze it.

Heyjami said...

Adorable! Congratulations on a wonderful start of your kidding season!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

An adorable start to the New Year! Congratulations Lunar!