Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movin' On Up

It is finally time to start weaning some of the older kids, and moving them out of their current residence, which has been the garage.  The wet and variable weather we've been having this month has made finding the right time to move them a bit of a challenge.  You don't want to suddenly move them from a nice warm, dry environment, out into wind, rain, and freezing weather.  We did have a few days where the lows weren't going to be too bad, and the weather would be dry and sunny, so we took the oldest three kids out to our transitional pen in the barnyard.  It has a shelter and a play structure for them while they get used to being outside, surrounded by no-climb fencing, which they  can't get through, unlike the cattle fencing that surrounds most of the property. 

Lena got some last minute questions answered

So quiet hours start at 10, and we call you if the automatic water stops working?

Then she checked out where she'd be asserting her role as herd queen for this little herd of three.

Ahem! Boys! I have an announcement!
Dude! What is all this green stuff?

Boys! Over here! I have an announcement!
Imma go exploring!
They just don't listen! I guess I'm going to have to get down to their level after all
Listen up boys! As the only doe out here, I am your herd queen and you shall treat me as such. You shall bow to me or feel my wrath!
The lighter of the two boys decided to test out how serious Lena was about asserting her power

She beat him pretty handily though

Wanna go again? I didn't think so.
And went back up to her platform of power

You will bow to me!
I'll show you- just like this
I will not bow to you! I challenge you instead!
Whoooaaa! Too far! Too far!
Having put the boys in their place, Lena decides to relax on the platform

Even young herd queens have special powers- I can float!
Maybe it's just this part of the barn yard- I can float too!

Or maybe,

There's a reason

We call this time of year



Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Excellent floaty goatie shots! It's not always easy catching them on camera in mid-levitation ;) Now if only the weather would behave as if it's spring!

Chris said...

Oh my goodness Sarah ~ those are the most amazing photos! You totally could have a career in photography if ever you need a little break from all of your wonderful English Hills products.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the compliments on the pictures! A few of them made me laugh when I uploaded them- even when taking the pictures, it's hard to know what is going to actually turn out.

I just need to come up with some clever captions and ta-da! Greeting card business. Wait- do people still send each other those things?