Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Phriday: Farm Visitors

Having a farm means you get visitors.

Sometimes, they just show up, unannounced.

And they bring a friend

Or two.

They tend to hang out and poke around for a little while,

and the best ones show themselves out.

For the curious- these are wild turkeys, of which there are several flocks in the immediate area, though we don't see them all that often on our farm. While we've not had any problems with them being aggressive towards us, when I lived in Contra Costa County, some of the flocks at the base of Mt. Diablo had a reputation for being quite aggressive. I was never sure how much of this was actual aggression versus people just being very unfamiliar with wildlife.


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Add another dozen, and it would look a lot like the view from my office window. We cheat though, ours are domesticated heritage breeds. We do see the wild ones in spring though. Usually a rogue Tom or two coming down the hill to admire the ladies through the fence. I've found, here at least, the wild birds are usually much less aggressive than our own. We have one Tom that's just a bit grumpier than we'd like ;)

Sarah said...

Our neighbors have a "wild turkey" tom they've brought up since he was a baby, and they're surprised at just how aggressive he is. I, on the other hand, am never surprised at aggressive male fowl of any sort, really only surprised when they are not aggressive.

There's also a very robust flock or two of these wild turkeys at a local business park. Not sure why, but somehow that seems to be a really good habitat for them.