Thursday, February 28, 2013

You Can Never Take Us Seriously

Cause we're always kidding!

Haha! Get it?  Get it? Baby goats are kids and they are born this time of year, and we call it kidding, so us goat people are always kidding around!

We are delightful, aren't we? Ah, dairy people- we'll milk a joke for all it's worth!

Anyway, the little fuzzballs are arriving left and right, with 40 on the ground since our first kids arrived January 31st.  


To amuse ourselves between disbuddings and picture takings and bottle feedings, we let the kids check out Stella.  Her facial expressions are priceless.

If I ignore it, it will go away

Since it hasn't gone away, I'll use my powers of side-eye, to slyly check it out.

Quick ear sniff while she's distracted!

Fine, you may sniff, but no looking for an udder.

We've always been able to trust Stella with the kids- she seems to easily understand that they are different from the adult goats, and can invade her space (to a point).


goatgirl said...

What a good dog. I have always enjoyed watching the way the babies are treated by the other animals.
What a pretty kid. I really need to get one that color:)

lifgrenj said...

So beautiful. Warms my heart to look at them.

Sarah said...

We certainly seem to get a good amount of that color around here, and just about every variation on buckskin there is! Including the look alike brother of this kid. ;)