Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Asking You With My Mind....


Stella!  Are you begging?

What? No! I would never!

I was just, you know, wondering if you were going to finish that?
Who can resist that face?  Not me!  Here you go....


Amazing how quickly she can make food disappear...even she can't seem to believe it.

Mrmph. Are you sure you shared?

By the way, that third picture is typically the expression I get anytime I shift my weight in my chair, make any sort of motion on the couch, walk anywhere in the house, or touch the back door.  Add to it vigorous tail wagging, and it turns into a declaration that clearly something! exciting! is! just! about! to! happen!

I think she's the definition of an eternal optimist.


Farmer Barb said...

I want to give her some butter, too! Our lab can hear a stick of butter being unwrapped from anywhere in the house.

Rachel said...

That dog is just so freaking cute.

Sarah said...

I don't want to brag, but, yeah, Stella has some serious amounts of cuteness going on. :D