Sunday, August 18, 2013

An old ad campaign...

This is my dog:

This is my dog on drugs:

Any questions?

Oh- I see a question in the back there.

The question was asked "What the heck did you do to your dog?"

Stella started doing a large amount of reverse sneezing (which can look distressingly similar to "I'm about to barf!") several days ago, which is usually how your dog tells you that a foxtail has taken up residence in their nasal passages.  Long story short, she had to be anesthetized so the vet could look into her nose to find and remove the offending foreign body (which they didn't find, because of course they didn't, that would be a way too normal outcome for anything from this farm), and when I picked her up, she was still a bit drunk from the anesthesia.

She was feeling the effects enough that she was bobbing and weaving on the walk from my car to the house.  It was sort of hilarious. And she looked so bleary eyed, I couldn't not take a picture.

Meanwhile, inside her nose is all swollen and inflamed, so she's on a round of antibiotics to ward off a possible sinus infection, as well as Benadryl in case it is allergies.  If the sneezing continues once she's had all the antibiotics, then she is supposed to go in so they can take another look, though I am really reluctant to put her under for a second time in the span of a week.


Julie said...

Hope you feel better soon Stella...

Farmer Barb said...

Dear Stella,
I had a foxtail up my nose and then at the end of the week I got one in my eye. It was awful and then they got them out and I healed. A year later, I lost my appetite and then I went to the PESCM in San Rafael. The doctors there found that my lug was dying. They took out the icky part and I was on nasty pills for a year. I finally got better. They never found the foxtail, but I am here to tell you that it was there. I cannot afford to go to graduate school let alone college. I will just have to remain a loving Labrador Retiever. I know your pain, sister. Feel better. Love, Moose

Sarah said...

Moose, that sounds horrible! Stella had to take Benedryl the entire time she was on antibiotics or she would start sneezing again. We called the vet and decided to try some steroids once the antibiotics were done to see if that would help. But as soon as she had her last dose of antibiotics, the sneezing stopped and she seems to be over it.

Someone else, however, has been getting foxtails stuck in their paws, and has a few small infections as a result.